Thursday, November 19, 2009

Closeups of a few pages...

I just thought you would enjoy seeing some random closeup pictures of some of my pages. I don't always show the details in my work, but I will try to more often now...especially with my big book coming up. I don't even know if I will be able to fit the whole page in one picture. LOL I am having fun trying to fill it though. I am branching out of my comfort zone a little with that size. I am not used to working that big. Pictures of that will be coming up soon!!

As you can see in these pictures above...I have even started stitching around edges of things using old yarn that I had. That has been a new experience for me too. I am enjoying it though.

I love using magazine images in my work. My favorites are W and National Geographic. My family members have started keeping their old magazines for me to use too...they have things like Country Woman, Birds and Blooms, Parenting.

I need to get a new white out pen. I have a hard time finding white pens that will write over all of my layers. Does anyone have any suggestions for white pens that I can use?


  1. I wonder about white pens, too, so I hope someone answers you. Your pages are great, so energetic and creative. brava for you!!

  2. Same here about white pens! Love your pages and the stitching element is so cool around the edge like that. Hooray for you for branching out...that means you are growing.

  3. great pages!

    i like the white sharpie poster paint pens (water based) for writing over things. they work really well!

  4. Thanks for your suggestion and visiting my blog. :) I use a presto brand white out pen that I get from dickblick. It's the only one that works all the time and doesn't gush out all over the place like some others do.

  5. What a great blog you have here! Your pages are so full of life and color. Creativity is a wonderful gift, isn't it?

  6. I love your colors. Your pages are great.
    I use the Signo uniball white pen, it comes in 2 different sizes and it's permanent (won't bleed).


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