Thursday, October 1, 2009

Warning...complaints ahead...

I think I have figured out why I ran out of things to blog about...I have no life!! Let me explain. I don't do anything fun/interesting/entertaining in my life. I spend my days working, on the computer (twitter, facebook, looking at other people's blogs, surfing the net, watching YouTube videos), watching TV, working in my art journal (sometimes). I honestly don't really move when I get home from work. I just sit around and watch TV and fiddle around on the computer. I am not even doing anything constructive. I don't cook, do chores or anything. I lead a boring life and it's my fault. I choose not to do anything with it, but I just don't know what else to do. There is really nothing that I can think of to do that would be considered "interesting" (or otherwise) with my life. I am very lazy and I do enjoy just sitting around and doing "nothing", but the gratification is short lived. By the time I get to bed I am upset with myself, i.e. depressed, for not doing anything. I don't know...I guess I am in a slump, but the thing is, I don't feel like I am in a slump. I can't explain it. It's crazy!! Anyway, I really think that is why I am not in the "blogging mood" lately. I am not doing anything so I don't feel like there is anything worthwhile to blog about. I am basically living my life through everyone else. I am addicted to reading about other people and what they are up to. I am checking my facebook/twitter/blogs often (more often then I should) to see if someone else posted. I should be doing stuff and posting instead...not just reading about everyone else.

I am going to have to do something about this though. I don't know exactly what yet, but I will have to figure it out...
For starters, I want to start exercising more often. Even if it's just a couple times a week I will feel better. I also want to start doing more chores around the house. I really feel like a bad wife sometimes because my hubby is stuck doing the chores. He works everyday (I don't) there is no reason why I can't be doing the chores around the house (other than I am too lazy to do them). He really doesn't complain, but I know he hates to do them as much as I do. Also, I really need to limit my TV/computer time. They really take up more time in my life then I should allow.

My life is worth more than just sitting around watching TV or playing around on the computer all day. I am worth the time/effort it takes to have an interesting/non-boring life. I just need to realize this and get the ball rolling in the right direction.
Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Believe that you're worth it too! ;) I get that way too. I think it's normal to go through ups and downs in our creative life and in wanting to do things. We just have to make ourselves sometimes do what we don't want and then get in the habit of it!

  2. I totally could've written this myself. I'm going through the same thing so I have no advice or comments other than, you are not alone. I love that you know you are worth it though. I don't think I even think that but this makes me wonder if I might be too.

  3. I can relate to your post, believe U me! I wish I had the magic cure, but for me....sometimes when i get this way it's cuz I'm bored and i need a new challenge. A new class or new book can get me a flutter again! Good luck to you and thanks for helping me to feel like I'm not the only one when I feel this way.

    If you find a class especially on-line!!! Please Please Post!!!

  4. Holy cow! I could have written this myself! I really think it's all about perception, though. You think you have nothing interesting to offer, but I was just talking to my boyfriend last night about you and how I love to watch you work in your journal because I envy the way you just flip around and do a little bit here and a little bit there. I have this thing about "finishing" a page and I think it hinders me from starting new pages. I, too, read a lot of blogs and feel like I have no life or no one would be interested in reading about my life. That is the reason I don't have a blog! Maybe I should start one so I would feel more compelled to do more interesting things just so I would have something to write about. lol

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment...It feels good knowing that I am not alone...

    Jamie--I really do need to make myself do some things (even if I don't want to)...I know I would feel better afterward
    Sandra--you are absolutely worth it!!
    Eden--you are right...maybe I do need a new book or maybe just looking through my old ones just for some different creative thoughts
    Mindy--you should totally start a blog...that was the best thing I ever did for myself

  6. I've only just found and I already think you're worth it ! You are very honest .

  7. WOW!! This is me too. I work all week and do nothing at home. Husband and two roomates (they pay us rent to help pay the bills). I only get excited when I actually think I might work in my journal, and that doesn't always happen because of one roomy who thinks he is attached to my hip. ERRR!!! And I get no alone time at home where all of my journal stuff is.
    So now I am trying to "work" on the road. Journaling after work in my Hotel!! You are NOT ALONE!! Sharon

  8. Hi Apple! Thanks for the kind comment you left on my art blog.

    I have to fight against inertia all the time; leading a fun and interesting life doesn't come naturally for me, either. But (at the risk of sounding cheesy), it is worth fighting for! Start by making lists of things you love to do or have always wanted to do. Then start by doing just one of them. Fun can snowball.

    Plus I found that starting a blog actually helped inspire me to do fun things. It was fun to write about my adventures and share them with others. Four years later, it still is.


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