Friday, September 11, 2009

What's going on right this minute...

Good morning everyone! It is really early right now and I am supposed to be sleeping, but I got called into work. Boo!!! I am leaving this afternoon to go on our "girl trip" with my co-workers. I was off this morning (and my hubby too) so we could spend some time together before I leave...I of course put off packing and baking my cookies until this morning because I am a major PROCRASTINATOR!! Well, that totally backfired. My friend called me at 6am and said that she was had a virus and (all that that entails) and asked if I could go into work for her. So my hubby got up and baked my cookies and helped me pack so I could leave for work by 7am. Needless to say my brain is going nuts thinking I forgot somthing because I was rushed. Oh well, I'll live...LOL!! :)
Anyway, today is Friday!! I hope everyone has a good weekend. Do something creative! I am bringing my art journal with me to write/doodle while I am on the beach. We are only staying one night so I will try to soak up as much "ocean" as possible. Bye!!! :)
PS: I am bringing my camera so I will have pictures to show you when I get back!


MzMonster said...

hope you have a great time :)

cant wait to see pictures!


Retro Girl said...

Have fun!!! :-)
Sorry you got stuck working...but the beach will be well worth it!! :-)