Sunday, August 16, 2009

Something new...

My hubby built me this new addition to my desk this morning. Let me explain...
I like to have all of my supplies (and I have a lot) within reach when I am working. If I have to get up and get something it probably won't get put into my journal. I just use what I can reach. Because of that, I have so much stuff around me that I can barely work. I would have a chair on each side of me, while I work, just holding paper and tape and things because their wasn't room for it all on my desk. I don't have that problem anymore though, because I thought of having this shelf made.

Isn't it awesome? It turned out better than I expected. He went over to my Daddy's house and borrowed a few things (like this cool peg board) so that he could make it really nice. I love it. I finally have some room to spread out a little bit. I can get things up off the table top instead of having them right in front of me. I am really excited about it. I just need to go and buy some pegs so that I can hang some stuff, but other than that, everything is on the shelf and all set up. I will have pictures of it finished later. It actually gave me some more room around me.


  1. Nice! Can't wait to see it loaded up!

  2. I love organization....and places for stuff. :-) How cool! Can't wait to see pics when you have it all set up with your gear!


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