Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey everyone! I have been pretty busy lately with work and with birthday's so I haven't been able to post the passed few days. I am here today though. I plan on being home (just doing artwork/housework) all day long. I need this. I am still kinda asleep and my brain isn't working at the moment, but I am making myself some coffee. I will be awake soon!!
I am going to try to make a new video today. I got a new tripod last weekend (a much taller one then I had before) so I should be able to get a better angle for my videos. We'll see!!

These are some of my ummmm..."less dazzling" pages, if you will...
Happy Creating Today!!!


  1. Whoa !!!
    So many pages !!

  2. I just found your blog n' LOVE your creativity!
    Such inspiring works!
    :D I became a follower :D

    I was wondering if you can go to my blog n' answer my question I posted today?
    Thanks EVER so much!



I love hearing comments from everyone! Thank you for taking the time to post one!! :)