Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Break time...

I have been pretty tired lately. These have been my days...get to work by 6:30 come home around 2, stay on computer until 8, get to bed by 8:30 and then the process starts all over again the next day. Ugh!! I said today I wasn't even going to get on the computer because I haven't been feeling like I am getting anything accomplished when I get home. All I am doing is sitting around and watching random (yet funny) YouTube videos. Here I am though, on my was just calling to me. I am not staying on all afternoon though. I told myself that beforehand. I am using some self restraint here. I had to work on some videos for work and I checked my e-mail, but that's it. I will be getting off shortly and maybe going do some art journaling or something.

My hubby did this Valentine's page for me!!

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mushroommeadows said...

Your husband's valentine's page is so sweet! :)