Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some mardi gras fun...

We had fun with Deuce for Mardi Gras. We tried to get him into the spirit, but he just wasn't into it. He kept the beads on for awhile (until he started tripping over them). ha ha
I thought he was so cute so I had my hubby take his picture. :)

We didn't go to any parades or anything. I didn't feel like fighting all the crowds and trying to find parking places. We ended up just barbecuing with my parents. That was fun, too. Maybe we will be in the parade spirit next year. Who knows? Did y'all do anything interesting for Mardi Gras?


Retro Girl said...

He is so freakin' cute!!! :-)

beki said...

I finally admitted to myself that I do NOT like parades. Not at all.