Friday, February 6, 2009

Just some fun...

Retro Girl is wanting people to join in for her Haiku day today. I thought it would be fun. Let me see if I can think of some now...hmmm...I am not good with goes...

I am very bored
waiting for my video
to be finished uploading
I want to do art
but have no ideas yet today
hope some will come soon
I am kinda hungry
I think we are ordering
pizza for supper
I don't know if I'm
writing these awful Haikus
right but it is fun
I think I'm done now
going to start journaling
hope you do the same
Well, there are some of my attempts at Haiku. I used to love to do that in school, but I would always get confused on how many syllables a word has. If you want to join in too just put a link up on her blog to your Haiku post. She said she would love to read them (and me too). Goodbye for today.


  1. LOL thanks for being a good sport :-) I love 'em!

    Was thinking...writing haikus can be inspiring...write some first..and then use the poem to make a journal page around it! There ya go!


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