Friday, February 6, 2009

Just some fun...

Retro Girl is wanting people to join in for her Haiku day today. I thought it would be fun. Let me see if I can think of some now...hmmm...I am not good with goes...

I am very bored
waiting for my video
to be finished uploading
I want to do art
but have no ideas yet today
hope some will come soon
I am kinda hungry
I think we are ordering
pizza for supper
I don't know if I'm
writing these awful Haikus
right but it is fun
I think I'm done now
going to start journaling
hope you do the same
Well, there are some of my attempts at Haiku. I used to love to do that in school, but I would always get confused on how many syllables a word has. If you want to join in too just put a link up on her blog to your Haiku post. She said she would love to read them (and me too). Goodbye for today.


Genie Sea said...


Retro Girl said...

LOL thanks for being a good sport :-) I love 'em!

Was thinking...writing haikus can be inspiring...write some first..and then use the poem to make a journal page around it! There ya go!