Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art Journal pages...

These are still pages from my last art journal. I haven't even begun taking pictures of the ones in my Moleskin. I have been way too busy working in it. I only have a few more pages until it's done. I have been doing pages like crazy. I am afraid that I will run out of ideas soon because I am working so much. I am in my art room everyday just painting and writing. I love it.
I have been waiting on one more book to arrive for me in the mail. They lost the first one and I had to get the company to send me another one. Now I am waiting on that one. They better not lose it again. It is the "1,000 Artist Journal Pages". I am so excited to get it. Everyday I think it will just appear in my mailbox, but it hasn't yet. I also ordered a manual typewriter yesterday from ebay. I am excited. I wanted one to use for my journaling. It is really cute. I can't wait to get it. The mail person better not lose that either or I will be pissed. They are always either losing our mail or putting it into someone else's mailbox. I don't even think some of them know how to read. It's just really frustrating. Oh well, there isn't anything I can do about it anyway.
I am going to a jewelry party tonight. One of my friends from work is throwing it. I am not really going to buy anything though because it's kinda expensive. I am just going to show my face to help her get free stuff. She said that was fine with her. It will give me something to do on a big old Tuesday night anyway. :)


Genie Sea said...

Oh! Thanks for posting your journal pages! I love to see the end product of the amazing process on the videos!

They are gloriously varied! It's like walking into a journal candy store.

Speaking of candy. You are much more disciplined than I am. You can't get me within feet of jewelry and me not buy some. Unless it are gross and gaudy. lol


Sharon said...

Well, I went to Michael's tonight and bought the circle cutter. I will definately have to practice with it. You made it look so easy. But I know when I get the hang of it, it will be great. Yuk! On Jewerly parties, sorry, but I am waaay too tom boy for that. Ha!! Unless it was wacky altered art jewerly from found elements, like old typewriter keys or something. But hope you had fun. Sharon

Tony Harding said...


I came across your blog recently and really enjoyed your art. I love your use of colour and really appreciate how art is helping you come out of your shell. I thought that you and your readers might be interested in the opportunity to have work displayed alongside that of high-profile artists including Matthew Stone and Benjamin Wachenje.

I'm working with the BALTIC and Ctrl.Alt.Shift to promote an art inspired competition. We're encouraging up and coming artists to post their work on ctrlaltshift.co.uk. Winning works will be showcased on the BALTIC website and BALTIC’s own Quay TV, as well as being published in the Ctrl.Alt.Shift magazine. It will also accompany the Ctrl.Alt.Shift exhibition at BALTIC including work by Matthew Stone and Graham Hudson.

I think it would be great if you had time to get involved in this. If you need any further information, feel free to contact me on tony.harding@shinecom.com

Keep up the good work!


Nicole said...

I like the "Play" page. It's very bright!