Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here is a video I made this passed weekend. As you can see I set up my camera to where you could see my page from the front this time. I bought a new (taller) tri-pod so I was able to set it up on the side of me instead of on my desk in front of the journal. I think I like it much better this way.

Please let me know if you like watching my videos. I know that they aren't too exciting because I don't actually do a full journal page in them (just backgrounds mostly), but this really is how I work. I don't ever finish a whole page in one sitting. I usually do alot of backgrounds and then I go back and add little elements here and there until I feel like a page is done. Is that how some of you work in your journal too or do you all finish pages everytime you sit down to work? Just wondering.


Sharon said...

Hi, Very good video. Love the music back ground too. Is that a regular blow dryer or a heat gun?
I just started a blog to try to get me to work on my art journals more, this is the addy--
Hope I spelled everything right.
Please stop bye, Sharon

Retro Girl said...

I always like your videos.

I love the chipmunks Xmas song. My grandma had it on a record album and we used to make her play it over and (We probably drove her nuts!)