Sunday, December 21, 2008


I had a pretty busy weekend.
Friday night we had my hubby's Christmas party for his work. It was okay. All we did was sit around and talk (and not very much). I stared at the wall alot. There wasn't a big variety of food either. Just a few chips/dips and some turkey with bread. Not my idea of Christmas party food. Hopefully it is at a restaurant again next year because more people tend to come then.
On Saturday, I did art most of the day. Actually a lot of the time I was organizing my work space. I am trying to make it more efficient. I put more things on another table right beside me and put more supplies on it. That way, I won't have to get up every time I want a new sheet of paper or a different pair of scissors and stuff like that. That night, we babysat my little cousins. Their parents went to their Christmas party. We had a good time. They ended up coming home early though so the kids weren't happy about that. We were playing with "Shrinky Dinks" and they couldn't finish what they were working on. I told them that they could come back and finish another day though. They just live down the street after all. They are at my house a lot of the time anyway. ha ha :)
Today I did art most of the day again. This afternoon though we came to my mom's house to watch my other cousins. They are older so we really didn't have to "watch" them, but my hubby wanted to play the Wii with them. I have been knitting while they are having fun. We had pizza for supper. It was good.
I am excited about this week. I only have to work for 2 days because it's Christmas!! Yay!! I am excited about Wednesday. I am having Christmas Eve at my house for the first time. I am not worried though, there is a lot of people helping me. I need to get started making all of my snacks though. I am making cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, maybe a cake, flavored crackers, gumbo for supper so I will be pretty busy the next few days. I am glad that I am done shopping and wrapping though so I don't have to worry about that. Good night everyone!! I hope you all have a great Christmas!! :)

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