Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday morning was a little rough. I was on my way to work (not far from home) when I had a flat tire. I hit a pot hole and they found a rusty screw in my tire while they were fixing it. Ugh!! I had to hurry up and pull into someone's driveway. Thank goodness my hubby wasn't to work yet, he just had to turn around and come back. It took a little while (I have a cheap jack in my car), but he got the spare on for me. I have my new tire today though.

I have been too lazy to download my pictures into my computer lately, but I plan on doing that today. You will see some new stuff I have gotten and maybe some more journal pages. I have been working in it like crazy.

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sunnie fairy said...

Oh, flat tires always stink.

Can't wait to see some journal pages! :]