Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pictures coming soon...


Anyway, I will have lots of pictures for you during this week. I was supposed to put the pictures up today, but the battery in my camera died so I can't hook it up right now. I promise though to get them to you later.
I worked (literally) ALL DAY in my art room yesterday. It was so relaxing and fullfilling to me. I finished up Journal #4 and I decorated the outside of Journal #5. I am using an actual book that I bought at the library this time so that will be different. I don't know if I will like it or not, but we'll see. I think I will though because every page will already have a beginning "layer" on it. I took lots of pictures of the finished pages in my journal and the cover of my new journal (which is really cute). I experimented with sewing on ribbon and stuff. I can't wait to show ya'll!!!
Today we are going to visit my MIL. She is cooking lunch for us and her mom will be there so hubby will get to visit with his grandma. He doesn't see her very often because she just likes to stay cooped up in her house. I will be bringing my knitting or something over there to have something to do while they are visiting with each other. I started that new scarf I was doing in purple, but I was watching TV last night and I guess not paying attention and somehow screwed it all up. I think I will start it again, but in white this time. I have TONS of white yarn to use. White will be pretty for winter anyway. :) I will try not to screw up this time. I need to re-watch those knitting videos to see how to fix the mistakes I make instead of just over looking them.
I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!


sunnie fairy said...

have fun at your MIL's! and congrats on 200 posts! :]

Patti said...

congrats on your 200th post! and thanks for the great comment you left on my blog.
I love your profile, the way you talk about cracking your way out of a shell, using art as a tool.
I think I might start gathering stories...

deeday said...

showing some love to your blog!!