Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just some stuff...

I watched my first Christmas movie the other night. Isn't Cindy Lou cute?

These are some art supplies that I have bought recently. I wanted to start using chalk, but I hate how it smears. I read about that "blending" chalk and they said that it doesn't smear as much. I got some this weekend so that I could try it. I also got some stencils and a circle cutter. The circle cutter is awesome. I think I will be using it alot. I just need to get one of those self healing mat things. I really like the embellishments, too. The stars are so cute. I can't wait to use them.
I have been using tons of gel medium on my new journal the passed few days. i have been using small scraps to make collages on the pages. I am trying to thicken them up (other than using gesso). I will have pictures of my new journal in a few days. It is actually one of the books that I have bought from the library so that is new to me. It already has one layer of words for me to cover. :)


sunnie fairy said...

oh, wow that is a lot of white paint! I'm looking forward to seeing the new journal pages! :]

P.S. and yes, Cindy Lou is adorable!

Nicole said...

I love Christmas movies. The "countdown to Christmas" thing at the top of your page just reminded me that I really need to start gift shopping! I can't wait to see your new journal pages !