Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm the chauffeur today...

I was my mom and brother's chauffeur today. We had to go to my brother's orthodontist appt. and to his guitar lessons. Mom's car is broken and I was off so I just toted them around. It gave me something to do. We even went shopping at JoAnn's this morning. I got some ribbon and some duck cloth with some needles. I want to try to incorporate some cloth into my collages. I plan on cutting up some old clothes (some that I would have thrown away) and sewing, painting and imbellishing it. I don't know exactly how that will work, but I will just have to experiment. If anyone has ideas on how to incorporate fabric just let me know.

Tomorrow I will start working everyday for about 6 weeks. One of my co-workers is having back surgery and I will be taking her place. I will be working in the kitchen at the daycare and only from 8-1 (and afternoons if they need me). I am excited about that because I won't be in a classroom and I will be home for the afternoon. I will at least have steady hours for a little while. I basically have steady hours now, but I like the idea of being home in the afternoon while still getting about 5 hours a day.

I have been doing art work here and there whenever I find the time too. I have my own room now so if I am in the middle of a project then I don't have to pick anything up. I can leave things out and just pick up where I left off.

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sunnie fairy said...

That's good that you are looking forward to work. You inspire me. :]