Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have just tried to upload a video for about an hour now and it did not work. Ugh, I hate when that happens. Oh well, I will try again later.
I will be gone from my computer for the next few days. We are going camping for Thanksgiving with family and friends. It is going to be fun. We are staying in my aunt's camper (no tents for me). I like to sit in front of a campfire in the cold weather to warm up. I also like walking on trails and stuff. I will take lots of pictures and will tell you all about it when we get home on Sunday.
I hope that everyone has a happy thanksgiving!! Eat lots of turkey. :) Gobble Gobble!!


sunnie fairy said...

oh, sounds fun! have a great thanksgiving! :]

Snippety Gibbet said...

I found that the easiest way for me to add video is to upload it to YouTube or Flikr and then embed the image. Just my two cents. jan