Thursday, October 16, 2008

Starting to relax (a little)...

I FINALLY have the internet at my house. It took my hubby a few days to hook up our wireless modem, but he figured out the problem today. I am happy about that because I haven't been able to check e-mail, or anything, the passed few days. I will have alot of stuff to read tonight.
We are almost finished unpacking. All that I really have left to do is put out my knick-knacks and stuff like that. I also need to finish my art room. I have a few things in place and everything out of boxes and on the floor. It just overwhelmes me to look at the stuff all over. My hubby is going to help me put things in place later. I miss my art. I don't have a whole lot of ideas for paintings, but I miss putting the brush to paper.
I am going to go now so that I can finish my art room and finish reading my blogs.

PS... I think I might have to turn on those "letter things" for the comments. I really don't want to, but I had 5 spam comments on my last post.


david said...

yeah finally we have the net again. hehe i love you hunny

sunnie_fairy said...

I know, I definitely hate spam and I feel guilty putting "letter things" on my comments, too, but it's necessary. :(
yay for internet at your house! :]

Retro Girl said...

Yay for the internet! lol

I had to turn on the comment verification too...almost the first day I had my blog..I kept getting nasty comments from "bad" websites (if you know what I mean lol)

sunnie_fairy said...

Hey, I tagged you over at
my blog!
Hope it's okay. :]