Monday, October 20, 2008

My creative space...

Here is my art room. It isn't totally finished yet, but I can work in it (that's the important thing). I still have stuff that I want to put up on the wall and I need to see if my "organization system" works as well as I think it will, but other than that, it's done. I haven't even really gotten a chance to work in it yet though. I have been so busy with other stuff for the house or work. I need to make the time though. I am missing just sitting down and creating stuff. Even if it is ugly or doesn't come out right, the point is just to create.
I like how my room turned out though. It is organized (except for the closet right now) and I like having a comfy chair that I can read in (alone in my room with no distractions). I like that it is all mine. My own sacred space to create, dream, do nothing...just plain anything that I want to do!!!!

Here is the gift that Retro Girl gave me a while back. I knew that I would totally find the perfect place for it in the room. I totally love it and I think it totally sets the mood, so to speak, of the room. :)


  1. wow, that's so cool that you have your own space to just create. I think more people in this world need to set aside time to just create. :]

  2. Dontcha just love the possibilities? Your room can be whatever you want - it's all about you! :-)

    Hey like the A on the door! :-)
    It's A for Apple...A for art!

  3. OOh... I just love the corner, sit on the sofa, listen to music and read.


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