Thursday, October 23, 2008

More new furniture...

We got new furniture last week. We are totally loving it, too. It was all on sale (for really cheap). I am very happy with it. It looks like it came with the house. It totally matches and I love the color. It is soft fabric and very comfortable. I am sitting on the recliner now and it is perfect for typing on my computer. :) We got just enough pieces to fill up our living room. What we had before just wasn't cutting it. We only had a loveseat and a chair and our living room was empty, but not anymore.

Our fireplace with our first fire. It was wonderful just to be able to sit there and watch the fire burn. I can't wait until it gets really cold so that we will be able to use it.
Our secretary's desk. I absolutely love it. We use it to organize our bills and things. It is perfect to use for that. Our bills were always just kinda thrown around the counter before, but not anymore. They are all in one place now. :)
This is my hubby's new computer desk. He loves it.
This is the sofa table that my daddy built. He took a woodworking class in Pennsylvania a few months back and this is what he made there. He learned lots of new techniques while building it. He gave it to us because he really didn't have any room at his house for it. I figured if he ever wants it back he knows where it is.
This is the pattern on our curtains. I really like it. I thought that I could print it out and make a journal page out of it or something. I like all the swirlyness of it (not necessarily the colors). I might have to use it as inspiration for something. :) hmmm...

Deuce is even liking his new home, too. We moved his cage underneath the tree that is on the side of our house. Now he has some shade when it gets too hot and he gets to sleep next to a tree.


Ã…shild Ruud said...

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for all the nice comments you leave in my blog :) Keep creating - it's a great way of getting out of our shells...

And congrats with your new home :)


Retro Girl said...

I just love that ducky! :-) He's so cute!!!

What nice furniture--looks so comfy! Wow--love that table your dad made! He did a great job!

Plunger Girl said...


Ok, that was a little excessive. I love ducks! I had a duck named Petrie in high school. We tried to give him a duckette friend but they kept passing away. Weird.