Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bright lights everywhere...

I am so excited (can't you tell)? My uncle called in a favor from one of his friends that happens to work for the electric company and he came out yesterday!!! I know, I am just ecstatic!!! My hubby went on the way home yesterday to buy lots of lightbulbs to fill our new home with light. Now we have lights and water. We just have to wait for the "trimming" people to come and fix the cracks and such things. They said maybe by this weekend they could come, if not then they would be here next week. I hope they come this weekend...that would be AWESOME!! That would mean that we could start moving in next week. Things are just falling into place just like we wanted them too. (That is the power of prayer)!!! I have been praying since this whole process started about an easy move and such and it totally worked. Nothing really major happened to stall our move or happened to the home, so I am very grateful for that. It won't be much longer. I just can't believe that we will be living there. It just seems so big and different from where we used to live. I am just in shock right now (and we haven't even moved in yet, haha). I will keep you posted!!
Today I am just focusing on going exercise, I am still trying to do that. I also have to go to work this afternoon, but just for a few hours so that won't be so bad. At least I get this morning to myself. I might just do some art later. :)


sunnie_fairy said...

oh, good! everything is going so well in spite of the circumstances... it's God!

Retro Girl said...

Good news!! Yay for electric power! hehehe!

Hope the time flies till you all get to move in and get settled...I know how anxious waiting can be!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for the campaign suggestions. I have a lot to think about!