Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're APPROVED!!!!

Yep...our septic tank stuff was approved. That means early next week we will have our electricity and water on and then the trimming people can come and fix up the inside problems. After that, we can start to move our stuff in. I am so excited about that. I can't wait until we are completely moved. I know that will come eventually though, so I am not worried about it. We probably could have been approved earlier in the week, but we had some problems with the plumber and permits and things, but they are all straightened out now. Hopefully there won't be any problems getting the "trimming" people out here on time. They are supposed to call us next week with a day that they can come so I hope they don't forget about us.

Anyway. Today my hubby is going to fix the ruts that are in our yard (as best as he can). He doesn't like to be bored so even just leveling out dirt in the yard makes him happy. :) I plan on going to the gym sometime today and working my butt off (literally). I am terribly out of shape so I will be in pain for a few weeks (especially if I keep working out like I want to). I know that if I keep after it then something in my body has to change. I am going from no exercise in years to exercising at least a couple of times a day (something has to change). I am gonna try not to be impatient about it either. I know all this weight didn't come on in a day so it won't take just a day for it to come off. I am just going to keep telling will get easier. I know it will, it'll just take some time. :) Whew, I need to stop rambling. I guess I better get started on kicking my own butt...wish me luck!!!! :D


sunnie_fairy said...

:] yes, it will get easier

mushroommeadows said...

congrats on the approval! And best of luck with the workout! You can do it!!!