Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New furniture...

We hit the jackpot this weekend. My SIL was getting rid of some furniture so that she can buy the new bedroom set she wants. She sold us this dining room table for under $100. It is so much better than the one we had before and she threw in a baker's rack for free. :)

She sold us these nightstands and this coffee table for $40. I love how it has the metal and the wood together.
She also just gave me this cute shelf for my art room...what should I use it for...any suggestions?
I bought some more of those white stackable drawers for my art room too. I plan on getting a whole lot more. The drawers don't look big, but they really hold alot of stuff. My paper, magazines, ephmera and things will go in there. (That's why I need a bunch more...I have alot of art stuff)!!
Also, my MIL gave us these stools to put at our bar in the kitchen. Yay!! We got tons of new furniture for under $100. Now we can really focus on getting livingroom furniture that we like instead of having to go cheap because we have all this other stuff to buy too.
*My hubby called the electric company today (to see when they can come hook up our electricity). They said that they would try to send out a truck on Friday, but if not then we have to wait until November 11th. Yeah, you heard correctly November!!! I can't wait that long for electricity. They said it was because of Hurricane Ike, but they have to have a few people on staff that works on the normal things that have nothing to do with the hurricane. We are just praying really hard that someone can come out on Friday.
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LaY hOoN said...

Hi, you must be very busy in these day to decorate your new house. Can't wait to see your art room :) Do take care.

Retro Girl said...

Woah! Score! heheh Love the new furniture--especially the price. Love the barstools too!!

I saw one artist use a wooden rack like you have to put her bottles of acrylic craft paint in...(layed on their sides, just stacked in the openings). You could probably do alot of diff things with it.

So glad things are moving along for ya....except the electric! Will say a prayer for you guys! Hope they can get there!!

sunnie_fairy said...

wow! lucky you! all that great furniture...
I have no idea what I would do with that shelf your SIL gave you, but it looks cool!
that's a major bummer about the electricity :(

Becky said...

I just found your blog a few days ago, and added myself to your followers list. I like the new furniture. I always love a good deal.Sorry about the power issue.