Friday, September 5, 2008

Keeping up with my art...

Here are some old and new journal pages. I have been feeling the need to create. I think it's because we don't have a TV in the workshop we are staying in so I have nothing better to do. At my house, we were always watching TV or we always just had something better to do. I said that during the hurricane. It's amazing how much artwork you actually get done when you are bored. I usually sit down to do artwork and just stare at a blank page to try and "think" about an idea or something like that, but I was too bored to do that with no electricity. I wanted to color and paste, not just stare at a page. I was already tired of staring at the wall...I wanted to DO something. ha ha
I hope everyone is getting out there and creating stuff just for fun because that is what I have been doing. I haven't been worrying about whether my stuff is "good" or not. I have just been not thinking and putting stuff on the page. If I let my "thinking" get in the way than art does not appear. I figure that if I just start something, just get something on the page than I can "fix" it later if I don't like it.
These are mostly pages that I don't like, but at least ART was coming out of me. ha ha
I will have up some of the pages that I love another day. :)


  1. wow! nice post... It's true- sometimes you just need that inner child to come out and just DO anything, something...

  2. You are so right about not worrying what others think - and just having fun with art. I need to remind myself of that!!

    By the way...Thanks for always 'listening' and being supportive. I really appreciate your friendship!


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