Monday, September 22, 2008

Just a quick post...

Our place got sealed together today. We are so happy about that. Also, the septic guy is coming to finish his work up tomorrow. He is also doing the plumbing for us, so that will be one less thing we have to do later. We walked through it several times today just to look at it. I can't believe that it is finally here. I really am glad that I decided to get a bigger place when I did (my hubby would have done this years ago, if I would have consented to it). I was afraid of all the hassle that it would be, but it really wasn't that bad at all. The place that we bought it from made it very easy for us and it helps that my hubby does all the main stuff, like calling the people and setting up appointments and things. I am just so happy. I don't know what we are going to do with ourselves in that bigger place. I definitely won't feel as cramped as I did in the old trailer. Goodnight!!!

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