Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's gone...

They moved our old trailer today. They came this afternoon and took it away. My hubby took pictures for me since I was at work. It made me a little bit sad when I saw them, but I am okay. I realize that it is just one more step closer to getting our new place. Yay!! We aren't going to know what to do living in a new, bigger place. I am going to be totally lost. I guess I will get used to it though. :)

This is the "workshop" where we are living in now. It is small and cozy. :) I don't mind it. I am just glad that we had a place to stay.

The guy that is doing the septic tank and runners is going to come sometime this week (I think). Then we just have to wait a week for the runners to dry and we can move our new trailer onto the land. Yay! That will be exciting, but I don't think that I want to be around to watch that either. I will be too nervous that something would happen. I know that it will be fine though.


sunnie_fairy said...

it looks cozy! :]

Retro Girl said...

That little workshop is so cool, cute and cozy! Wish I had one of those out back...could make it my art/crafts area when the baby comes (if 'he' ever does!) lol

Wow that is sentimental/sad seeing your home going away...But like you said...it's steps to bigger, better things! So exciting!! Woohoo!