Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inside my new home...

Here are pictures of our new place. These are the ones I took of the "model"...none of that furniture is mine (aww man)!! I would have loved to have taken the furniture too, but it was just too expensive. lol

Let me give you the tour:
Here is the foyer when you first walk in. Through the arch way is our livingroom with the beautiful fireplace. I can't wait until winter so that I can use it. It's going to be so warm and cozy.

Here is the master bedroom. I love the big windows in the front. Then you see our closet (my other favorite part). It has an island in the middle with drawers and in the back there is a window seat (I guess for putting on your shoes in the morning or something). I don't know why it's there, but I love it!!! :)

Here is the master bathroom. My hubby fell in love with the shower. It really is pretty. I love the huge tub we have. That will be for when I need to come home and soak/relax all of my stress away. I can't wait!!!

Here you see the kitchen/dining room. I am not a big cook as of now (never really was), but in this beautiful, spacious kitchen I plan to become one. It makes me want to cook just looking at it. My hubby will be more TV dinners for supper. Well, not all the time anyway, I sure won't become a cook overnight!!! haha I also love the sage green color of the walls. It is a very relaxing color to me.

I also have 3 other bedrooms on the other side of the home, but they aren't too interesting right now (just empty rooms). I will have pictures of those when we figure out what to put in them...especially my art room. I can't wait to set that up and get to work on some paintings and things. I have lots of ideas in my head for organizing and stuff so I am ready. One of the other one's will be my hubby's office for the computer and other things. Then the last one, I guess will just be a guest room for now (until I decide that I want to be a mommy). That certainly won't be for a while still. Working at daycare for over 10 years sure doesn't make me want a child anytime soon. :)


sunnie_fairy said...

wow! your new house is beautiful! can't wait to see that art room, and I am really jealous of that closet... ;]

Retro Girl said...

OMG it's AWESOME!!! (I love that closet! Mine is Huge too...but no island!! I'm so jealous! heheh)

Congrats!! I'm SO HAPPY for you!! You're going to just love it, I know it :-)

Yay!! lol