Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Gustav is over...

Here is some video I took while the hurricane was going on. It starts out not so bad, but then toward the end you can see the winds/rain getting alot stronger. We are all so grateful that it wasn't as strong as they said it would be. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers this week. I really believe that is the reason Gustav slowed down.

We have been totally hot and bored these passed two days. We have a generator, but it is still hot when you only have fans blowing and the windows open for the breeze. We played alot of cards and I did A LOT of artwork (I will show pictures later). I had no choice except to do artwork. I was too bored to just sit and stare at the paper thinking what to do, so I just did it. I colored and glued and wrote anything that came to my mind. I got some really great pages out of it, too. (Some of my favorite ones out of all my journals).

We got electricity back about 30 minutes ago and we are so excited!! We aren't so hot anymore (hooray for air conditioning) and we actually have other things to do that don't require just sitting and looking around. I am just glad that it's over and hopefully there won't be anymore this year (fingers crossed). :)


sunnie_fairy said...

I hope there won't be anymore, too!
can't wait to see your art!
so happy that nothing major happened! God is good :]

Retro Girl said...

I am SO glad y'all are okay!!

We've got the residual rainy windy weather up here from Gus, today. We needed it bad though, our grass was getting crunchy and dying.
I wish we could've taken it away for you, sooner to help out! lol