Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad news on the home front...

They can't move our trailer today. :( The guy came and checked out the yard this morning and said that it was way too wet (just like we told them). He told my hubby to dig some trenches and get some of the water out (in between the runners) and maybe they can move it by the end of the week. We'll's not supposed to rain again until Friday, but you never know around here. I could have gone to work today. Next time, I am going to work until after they come check it out and then I will just have to leave for a few hours or something.
I guess instead I will just have a lazy day. I plan to go to the library and maybe I will go to the gym later. I'll find something to do. My hubby took his vacation this week because they were supposed to move it, now he will probably have to take some more days off next week to finish up some of the moving details. I hope they will work with him on that. I am a substitute so it isn't a problem for me to take off, but I am not about to handle all of that trailer stuff. That's too much stuff for me to handle! I would go crazy. Thank god for my hubby.
I hope everyone has a good day on this big Monday!!! Ugh...

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  1. aw! not fun at all... I hate digging! hope tomorrow goes better :]


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