Friday, August 15, 2008

Packing (ugh)...

This is the view from my favorite chair right now. My livingroom is full of boxes. I am taking the night off from packing. We put an add in the paper to sell our trailer and the first guy who called us was the one who bought it. It was awesome...we sold it in one day. We have 3 weeks to pack up and move out. Until our new place gets here, we will be staying in my mom's quilting workshop out behind her house. It will be uncomfortable for a while, but I am very grateful that we have a place to stay. We won't have to stay there very long though. Our new place is supposed to come in around 4-6 weeks. We are going sign our papers tomorrow morning. I am nervous about that, but I know it will be okay. After that, I just pray that everything goes according to plan.
I won't be doing artwork for a few weeks though, because (of course) I will be very busy. I will have minimal art stuff because everything will be packed up. I will try to do somethings, but I won't have very elaborate journal entries. Oh well, I will have wonderful ones when I move into our new place. I will have an entire art room to myself to do whatever I want with. I am so excited about that. I won't feel so claustrophobic in my house either because it is much bigger than this one. :)


  1. OMG Congrats!! That's amazing and wonderful that the first caller is buying your place! I'm so happy for you guys!

    I know packing and living with boxes is such a pain (we did it last year and still have a few boxes that've never been opened lol)

    You'll get you are looking forward to that new, bigger place with your own art room! :-) (Hmm any idea of the room's colors? or what's your fave color combo?? Maybe a little art-fairy will send ya something for your new room...let me know!)

  2. wow- moving is hard but it sounds like it's worth it!

  3. oh i feel your pain of packing. i will be doing this within the next few months and trying not to panic about ho many months this will put me behind.


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