Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cardboard stinks...

I feel like I am living inside of a cardboard box. That's all that I see everywhere and that is what my entire house smells like. Yuck!! We won't be in here much longer though because we have to be out by Tuesday. My hubby called to have the electricity and things dissconnected on Wed. and Thurs. He is so ready for this one to be moved and us to be out of here. I don't blame him, we are tip-toeing over boxes here. Today they said our new place will be ready in 2-3 weeks. That doesn't feel like very long. My hubby got our permit to move the trailer today and the inspector is coming to check the septic tank tomorrow. Pray really hard that it passes and we don't need to get another one. We'll see...tomorrow night we are going to get our storage room and start moving furniture and stuff. We have a busy weekend so we are going to get an early start on this. I guess I can't keep putting things off all the time.


  1. oh, I hate moving! I really feel for you...

  2. Been there done that! A semi brought our stuff from Ky to IL when we moved (we only filled half of the truck lol, but still! The neighbors about croaked when it pulled on our small street at our prior house.) We then moved again, last year. I hope we don't move again for a lonnng time. (Unless it's south and someone else is paying for it to be packed/moved again lol)

  3. thanks for popping over to my blog I have been a bit slack of late with commenting on blogs I'm sorry. I am so happy for with the upcoming move, sounds WONDERFUL hope all goes smoothly I'm sure it will xx


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