Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am so excited. My hubby got me a piece of glass to cover the top of my art desk. The paint and stuff would stain the top of my new desk and I didn't like that. So the glass will get dirty instead now. We spent alot of the night last night organizing and cleaning up that room (again). I clean and organize it alot because it is so small so it always accumulates alot of stuff and sometimes I just can't stand the clutter. I also got a new container to hold all of my rubber stamps. It isn't the most practical thing, but it gets the job done. I would like to know how ya'll store your rubber stamps. I always have trouble storing the stamps because they are awkwardly shaped. I also put my magazines in a basket instead of just having them thrown all over the floor.
The only problem is that I find myself organizing instead of doing artwork sometimes. I think I avoid it because I don't have any ideas and I just don't know what to do on my paper. I am trying to get better with it though. I figure that even if I just end up with a journal full of colored paper then it's better than not doing art at all. I am trying to get this through my head.
I have pictures of my organized room, but I just can't get them off of my camera right now because I am at work. I wish I was home right now though. This class is kicking my butt this week. It is the toddler class, but they literally FIGHT all day long. They don't play or do anything. They just fight with each other. I am just fussing all day long. Ugh! I remember now why I quit that room. I didn't realize how much I was stressed until I left that class. I guess I am just not made for that age group.

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  1. That's funny - we think alike! My dad is a glass-man by trade, and I was gonna ask him for a piece of glass to cover my desk, when we go visiting Cincy in 2 weeks. We have ESP or something! LOL. I was havin' the same problem...glue, paint, ink, scratches etc. so I thought with glass, I could windex it off pretty easy and/or scrape with a razor blade if it's really stuck-on....

    I have those plastic 4-drawer white organizer bins, and my stamps, stamp pads, cleaner are in those. I probably don't have quite as many as you I bet...

    I'm starting to think "how in the world will I reduce/move all this once my room has to become a nursery"??? My hubby claimed the basement - he wants to finish it into an entertainment room. I may be moving it into the laundry room or a closet lol. wahh!


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