Friday, July 18, 2008

Last two assignments...

I am a little bit late, but here are my last 2 assignment from my art therapy class:
This first one is supposed to be my younger self and my older self.

This one was just a tissue paper collage. We weren't supposed to think we were just supposed to glue/cut paper however we "felt" like and see what happens. This one was the most fun assignment that we had.

I can't wait until mom and I have our painting class. It starts in August and there is like 6 of them. It is "Painting for the Absolute Beginners". I know that I am not a total beginner, but sometimes I feel like it. My mom thinks I will be bored b/c I know how to mix colors and stuff already, but it's always good to practice that stuff. Sometimes you forget the technical things about painting and it will be fun to relearn it.

I am at work right now. Today was a pretty easy day. We took the kids to ice skate. They had a blast. I didn't skate. First of all, I have never done that before and second of all, I didn't want to re-injure my butt. Ha Ha The kids are actually being pretty quiet. I guess they are tired and ready to go home by now. I don't blame them b/c I am ready to go too. I am just glad that it is Friday!!!

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Retro Girl said...

Love your tissue paper collage! I love playing with tissue and also pattern how translucent it is...

I've never ice skated before....I'm a chicken...afraid I'll fall and break my arm or something. I haven't rollerskated for probably 25 years...(yikes!)

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!