Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hair and birthday fun...

Good morning everyone.
I was hoping to post some new pics and things today, but I can't seem to find the cord that goes with my new camera. I know it is somewhere, but for the passed hour I have torn my house apart looking for it and it's not here. UGH!! Of course I have found everything except what I am looking for. That's how it always happens.

As we speak, I am trying to take a picture of my new hair color. I have been recently bored with my hair (like I frequently am) so I decided to dye it again. I always like my hair to be a different color and quite drastic. I dyed it black this time. I have probably had my hair every color you could imagine and I have done them all myself (or my aunt has done it for me). I am not the type of person who freaks if there hair turns out say "orange" b/c she tried to dye it blond, or say "black w/ orange streaks" in it b/c she tried highlights. I have had my share of mishaps let me tell you, but I can actually say that no matter how weird the color is it never looks all that bad. My aunt and our friend from work experiment with me alot too. We usually do our hair together. Sometimes we get it perfect, but other times well, let's just say they needed trips to the salon the next day (that has only happened once). It's always fun though. You never know how it's going to turn out. I would love to hear about your most horrible hair dye experience.


Yesterday was my hubby's birthday (27). We had a really good time. We went watch "The Love Guru." It was funny. I liked it. Then we went eat a really early lunch at a Mexican restaurant in town. The food isn't all that great, but he loves their margaritas and they sell them by the gallon so that's mainly what we went to get. We got back and played UNO (we love that game) until it was time for my art class. He goes bowling while I am there so that we both get to have some fun. Needless to say it was a very fun and full day. His gifts included: getting his windows tinted, getting a bar thing that goes in the front over the grill of his truck (I think that's technical term for it, ha ha) and he got bed rails for his truck. Later, he plans on getting a bed liner for it.

I will post the pics later (if I end up finding the cord today). Happy Tuesday!!!
I found the cord YAY!! It was at my mom's house. It fell out of my bag when I went there the other night.


Retro Girl said...

The new color looks pretty! I like to play around with diff shades too, when I color my hair...

You've got such a great smile!! Very friendly, warm and kind! :-)

Happy Birthday to Hubby!! *waving* The Mex. food sounds yummy, and sounds like he had a nice b-day and got lotsa nice presents! :-)

Heidi said...

I agree--you have such a great smile and I love the black. It looks really good with your complexion. Trying different things with hair is always a fun adventure. :)

Happy Birthday to your husband and congratulations to your aunt and uncle!