Sunday, July 20, 2008

A clean house...

I emptied my closet of winter coats just recently. I bought some of those vacuum space bag things and put them all under my bed. Those things work wonderfully. I love them. Now I can see inside my closet (it's not so full). I can put more art stuff in there. Ha ha I always need more room for art stuff...who doesn't? :)

I am getting my house cleaned as we speak. My sister in law is trying to earn some money for her wedding (she's getting married next month-she's 18)so I am paying her to clean my house. I don't ever clean so this helps me out too. Yay! I forgot what no dust felt like. ha ha She is even cleaning my blinds. I think I will have to hire her to clean once a month (if she's up for it). We'll see!!
(My SIL-I've known her since she was 7 years old).

Anyway, I have been cutting paper all morning. I filled up one of my big plastic snack jars full of slittle snippets of paper (here's the other one full of rubber stamps). Now I don't feel like doing art. I have been in there all morning. I decided to take a break and play on the internet. I always like doing that.

I am about to take the pictures from my camera and upload them to my computer. I will have pic's soon, I promise!!This is the glass that my hubby bought me. It's pretty thick and so, so easy to clean. I love it.