Sunday, June 22, 2008

New stuff...

This is my new camera. Isn't it cute? I really like it. There are a few things that I have to get used the zoom and stuff, but I think it will be okay. :)

I got this new 3 tiered holder for my crayons. I just LOVE new crayon tips, don't you? I can't wait to use them.


  1. I love brand new crayons...I love brand new office and art supplies in general (I should just use them more and more often!! hehe)

    Love that pic of the crayons! The colors are amazing. That'd make a great pic to glue down in a journal or scrap-page...

  2. oooooo....I have crayon envy. I love the shot of all the colors. I always wanted the box of 64 crayons when I was little but only got the box of 8. If they would have had this cool crayon holder when I was growing up it certainly would have been the end of it for me.

    Color on!


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