Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My class...

This is the collage I did in my art therapy class last night. I had a pretty good time. For about an hour all we did was cut and glue paper. Then for half an hour we had to talk about our collage, but just in front of half the class (there were only 11 other people). I was very nervous about that part of the class, but I did it. I guess I will get better at that as the weeks go by. Next week we get to work with clay. I have no idea how that will fit into the "therapy" aspect of it, but it should be fun. We will be able to get a little messy.
I had a long, long day at work today. I had to work from 6:30-5:00 with the 2 yr. olds. We had a fun jump for them and it was very, very hot watching them go up and down the slide. I am very tired tonight. I think I will go to bed early. :)

COMING SOON: Video of Galveston vacation!!!

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