Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leaving right now...

Good morning all. How was everyone's week?
We are leaving in about an hour with my family to go to Galveston for the weekend. It is just a little, short vacation so that my brother can actually go somewhere. He works alot and can't get away much so we wanted him to have some fun on his vacation and not just sit at home. I am going with my family today and my hubby is going to meet us there tomorrow night. They wouldn't let him off of work. I was not too happy, but there was nothing we could do about it. At least he will be with us Sat. and Sun.
We are going to check out Moody Gardens and the boys are going to the NASA Space Center. We are also going to hang by the pool alot and maybe check out the beach. Just very relaxing.
I will take lots of pictures to show ya'll. just called and said it was time to go (an hour early) so I need to hurry up and go finish getting ready. Bye!!

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Connie said...

Oh you're so lucky! Sometimes, and I stress only sometimes, I wish I was back in college! I took an art therapy class too...and it ended up being one of the greatest classes ever! Our teacher made us do field work, which was a bit scarey at first, but then I landed myself a job teaching painting to the deaf. It was one of the most inspiring, and fun things I've ever done.