Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just rambling...

Today we helped my MIL buy a new computer. She has been without one for a few months now and she has been missing her MySpace. We went to 3 different stores before we found a good one for a good price. My hubby set it up for her this afternoon and she is very excited to have her games and stuff back. I bought a holder for my mp3 player that goes around my arm while I exercise. I have had one before, but it never fit right so now I have a good one. I also got a laptop cooling pad. Now I can stay on it longer without it burning my legs and stuff. Yay!!

I am just sitting here listening to my mp3's and playing around on the internet. I am kinda bored. I have read all day and I am kinda tired of doing that. I am about half way through the book "Eat, pray, love". It is really good so far. I am enjoying it. My hubby is playing on the internet too. He is just watching trailers for new games he can get. Maybe I will go and do some artwork...instead of sitting here just being bored!! :)

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Retro Girl said...

Love your page and paintings - they're great!

I have one of those Mp3 arm band things, and it either irritates my arm or falls off (maybe I have the one you had before? LOL. I need a newer one too).

I am totally digging Kimya Dawson's music...(I checked out that Juno soundtrack and really liked her style so I downloaded some of her solo album work...My fave song is "I Like Giants" - have you heard that one?)