Monday, May 5, 2008

We made it...

We left Friday for our camping trip to Yogi Bear. We had so much fun just being silly and playing around. We barbecued and did the paddle boats.

My favorite part was the "safari" that we went on. We road in these open carts around 900 acres of land. They have over 4,000 animals that live there. It was a 1 1/2 hour tour. The animals came right up to the vehicle so you could feed and pet them. We had the best time with that. It was awesome!! Kinda like a "hands on" zoo!! :)

I came home from our camping trip around 10:00am on Sunday. Then we turned around and left at 10:30am to start our vacation to Albequerque, New Mexico. It was a long 16 hour drive, but we made it. I didn't get aggravated being in the car until like 1:00am. By then I was like so ready to get out of the car. We were exhausted. We made it here around 2:45 am (mountain time). We got our hotel room and crawled right into bed. We woke up at a descent time this morning though and we have been on the road ever since (just exploring the city). I will tell you all about our outing we went on tomorrow. Right now, I have more stuff to do.

PS: The mountains are gorgeous!! It is hard to stop looking at them!! :)


Retro Girl said...

Love your safari pictures--they're great! Looks like such an amazingly fun time. I love animals and interacting with them. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Wow, bet you guys WERE really exhausted, all that traveling. Hope you got a good nite's sleep and are enjoying your trip! :-) I envy you! I'm SO ready for our vacation and I still have a month before we go! lol.


Heidi said...

I agree--great safari pictures! :) That sounds like an incredible zoo and a wonderful trip! I hope it continues to go well and safely. :)