Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Total beauty and thrifty shopping...

Albequerque is such a gorgeous place. It is so easy to get distracted by the mountains. Part of the day yesterday I just sat and stared out of my hotel window. The view is amazing (even with all of the highways and cars). Even though we were just here last year in July, it is easy to forget how beautiful and majestic the mountains can be. They are so big and it is hard to believe that there are even bigger ones out there than this. These mountains are probably some of the smaller ones in the world. It is hard to wrap my mind around sometimes. Even besides the mountains, there is beautiful stuff everywhere. The New Mexican people put alot of thought into their city and what would attract tourists. Just about anywhere you turn there are paintings on the sides of buildings and there overpasses are even decorated intricately with different stone designs. It is just amazing the time and effort some people put into this kind of thing.

(The view from my window)

(Look at this detail...those are tiny tiles...not painted). WOW!!!

Yesterday, as I said, I got tired of watching TV so I decided to go do some shopping. My first thought was to go to Sears or the mall they have or something, but on my way another store caught my eye. It was called THRIFT TOWN!!! I was very excited. I am a total bargain shopper and when I can find some cheap stuff, I am there. Let me tell you, this place was huge. It had everything from clothing to furniture to bicycles, you name it they had it. I spent almost 3 hours just walking around and looking at everything. It was amazing the stuff you could find that other people didn't want anymore. I found that little journal and those magazines for $.29. Those jeans were only $2.99. That bag is my favorite purchase. I had been looking for a bag to put my laptop in (the one I have now doesn't have any pockets to hold the cords and such). This bag was only $1.99 and it has tons of pockets and is the perfect size. I had almost bought a bag at Staples the other night for almost $20.00 and now I am so glad that I didn't. I am so excited with my purchases. I bought a couple of other things, but I can't show you because someone (my mom) reading this would see and it's a surprise for her. Yes, mom I found you something so cute for mother's're gonna love it!!! Ha Ha :) Needless to say, I had a great time and I didn't even need to go anywhere else, like Sears.

Today I am staying at the hotel. I plan on doing some more artwork. I still don't have any actual ideas coming to me, but I figure if I just color and doodle a little bit everyday than a beautiful journal page will eventually emerge. I colored and such yesterday and I absolutely love my new oil pastels. I didn't even use them with water yet, but they go on so smooth while you are drawing with them. The colors of them are so vibrant.
Sometime after lunch I am going to try and go swimming. The water was cold the other day so I hope it has warmed up a little since then. If not, then I will just lay out and catch some sun (wearing lots of sunscreen of course)!!


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Retro Girl said...

Your posts are inspiring - New Mexico looks so beautiful. Maybe the colors of the deserts, mountains and all the southwestern art will give you some inspiration for your pages? Just thoughts...

That thrift shop sounds like so much fun!! I'm mad jealous--what awesome purchases!! :-D

Anyway keep having a fabulous time! I'm counting the days until my vacation, already! LOL. Though I probably won't get to blog about it until we get back....

I've been working on getting my Etsy shop going...OMG I never realized how long it takes to get it all done, together, up and running. Overwhelming! LOL.

Take Care!