Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still rashy...and sex and the city...

I am sitting here at my mother's house trying not to scratch. My rash hasn't itched all day, but as soon as night comes that's when it starts. I took some Benadryl about an hour ago, but the drowsiness hasn't hit me yet so I guess it isn't working for my itchiness either. It will hit me in a little while and I will be asleep in no time. That stuff kicks my butt when I take one, but tonight I took two. I want these hives to be gone. They aren't bothering me as much as they were at the beginning of the week though. I would have been to the doctor already if it was.

I cannot wait until tomorrow night. I am going to see "SEX AND THE CITY" movie!!! My hubby is going buy me some tickets tomorrow afternoon before it becomes sold out (I am not taking any chances on that happening). I am so excited about it. I bought all the seasons of the series and I still watch them over and over. I just love that show. It's so full of emotion and friendship and fun. I just love it!!! :P

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