Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleepy artwork...and first video

My hubby (and his brother) left this morning to go crabbing. He loves to do that, but doesn't get to go very often. He left around 4:30am. I got up as well. I didn't sleep very well last night (I kept waking up) and after he left I still couldn't sleep. I decided that I would get up and do some art. I am in the mood to make something.
Here are some journal pages that I have recently done.
It is now 10:00 and I have finished making an Artists' Survival Kit from Keri Smith's blog. Retro Girl sent me an e-mail about it and I decided to make it. It was so much fun. I kinda made a video of some parts of the process (Let's see if it works)...

I am so excited. I FINALLY figured out every aspect of how to put a video on my blog from my laptop. Yay!!! I know it's not a very interesting video, but I will get better at it. This one is kinda like my practice. ha ha :) I hope you like it!!


Memarie Lane said...

I actually didn't know there was a way to do that. With the video I mean.

Retro Girl said...

Great journal pages...I like the colors and layouts.

Your video is really cool - as is your 'survival kit' !! You've poured your creativity forth and made some fab stuff this weekend!

I had my gardener's hat on this weekend....planted 27 perennials, and 2 a new bird bath, and put it along with some stepping stones and garden decor in the mulch area around my patio...put in some little solar looks really nice. Also- We built a stone path from the driveway to the back gate...put up an arbor and flower pots. We're tired! :-P lol

Terry@quilt-nut said...

I liked watching your video. Please do more. Mom