Thursday, May 22, 2008

New purchases...

This is my new purse. I am absolutely in love with this purse. I mean head over heels in love. OK, I'm sorry (I was drooling a little). Ha Ha I found this purse at Target the other day and I HAD to have it. (As I say with every purse I buy)!!

This dream catcher I bought a few weekends ago. It is so cute. It is my rear view mirror decoration. I finally found something I like that doesn't keep falling off.
I also got the Juno soundtrack. I am addicted to it at the moment. I know that some people would think this music is weird and not worth listening to, but I really like it. It is just silly and funny and quirky. :}

This is our BIGGEST purchase lately. We actually bought it today. Thank God we had saved some money recently because we had to get him a new vehicle. We could not survive with just one car for a few months with my crazy work schedule. So we took the opportunity to buy my hubby a truck. He has been wanting a truck and I guess there's a reason for everything because he got his truck! Anyway, every time we have to haul things we end up having to borrow someone elses truck, but not anymore. He is very excited about it and I think that it is cute. It is small compared to most of the other trucks out there which is just perfect for us.

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Retro Girl said...

I loved "Juno"...I thought the same thing---what a cool soundtrack. I like quirky folksy/pop...I'm gonna have to check that out on I-Tunes.

Luv that new purse and that truck!! Looks like some real good retail therapy!! lol