Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad news....

Remember that accident I talked about a few days ago? Well, we just found out that the guy that hit my hubby really didn't have insurance. He gave the cop an old ins. card so that he wouldn't get another ticket. Thank god that WE have insurance to cover us. It is always something. Oh well, it could've been worse.


mushroommeadows said...

bummer. :( someone hit my car the other day to, but didn't even stop. :( it's crazy out there on the road.

Retro Girl said...

Sorry to hear that.
There are wayyyy too many jerks out there...Not sure if your state does this - but hope the 'bad guy' gets his license suspended for driving without insurance!

Typically insurance carriers will pay your claim after the deductible, subrogate (pursue and sue if needed) against the at-fault party and then if/when they recover $$, they'll give you the deductible back. This sometimes takes awhile, especially if the offending driver has little or no money to pay the judgement. I wish you much luck!

What a bummer! Still, thank god no one was physically injured - that's the biggest thing.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend despite all this! *hugs*