Sunday, May 18, 2008

100th post

OMG!! I can't believe that this is already my 100th post.
Wow!! I am surprised at myself. I never thought that I would post as much as I do. I don't even post everyday, but I think that I WILL try to post more often. I am always afraid that my posts will be boring, so I wait until I have something semi-interesting to write about. I think that I will push passed this and post even though I think it is boring because maybe someone will think it is interesting, ha ha!!

I finally learned how to use my web cam to make videos and such, but I will have to work on learning a little bit more before I attempt to share one. :) I work so sporadically that I don't know how a video would work like that (I have to learn how to edit my videos next).
My hubby left this morning at 4am to go fishing. He loves to fish. I only like it when I am catching some. ha ha I am on my own today. I plan on doing some art and I think I might attempt to make some blank journals and such. I don't know, I actually have a few ideas swirling in my head. I think later on today me and some of my co-workers will go to the daycare we work at and decorate for another co-workers birthday. She is turning 60 tomorrow (and not very happy about it) so we are decorating for her (all in black). We are making paper chains and getting balloons and signs, things like that. We are also wearing all black tomorrow. Last year we put up a billboard for her birthday, with her picture and how she was "almost" 60. She was very touched that we cared enough to do something for her birthday. I can't wait to see her face when she gets there. It's going to be a fun day!!
My hubby came back having caught about 15 fish, but he only brought home 5 to eat. Oh well, he had a good time. He got a little sunburned here and there and he lost his new hat in the water, but all in all he said it was a good day. He loves to fish, but I don't so he hardly ever gets to go. My uncle calls him sometimes (like today) and he gets so excited. It's cute! :)
I am very excited too. Tonight I played with my little video/picture edit thingy and I learned how to do some new stuff. I am going to try and put up some videos very soon. I know I have said this before, but now I really know how to do it. I have actually played around with some of the programs that came with my laptop and figured out how to add music and fast forward and use my web cam and such so I'm happy about that. I am trying to get a little deeper/have more fun with my blog. I want to be more connected and stuff, you know what I mean? Anyway, it is 10:00 and totally my bedtime, since my sleep got interrupted at 4am, so I hope everyone had a good relaxing Sunday night because it is back to work tomorrow!!! :)


mushroommeadows said...

Happy 100th post! :) My husband and I were just talking about fishing yesterday.

I hope your husband catches something. Yum yum!

Retro Girl said...

Congrats on 100 posts! It goes by so quickly doesn't it?! :-)

Sounds like you both had a nice weekend...

Wish I had one of those Macs with that video chat feature..they look really cool....