Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just random stuff...

Isn't this the grossest thing you have ever seen? This spider was on my parent's front porch this morning...yuck!!! I wouldn't want to walk into that, EVER!!!
This creature here (and many more just like this one) have been on my porch lately. I hate seeing lizards everywhere, but it's better then seeing that nasty spider.
This "creature" on the other hand is the cutest thing in my yard. I am so glad that he is happy in his cage. He loves when it rains and all the bugs come to the surface so he can eat them. I like watching him take a bath in his pool, he is so cute!! :)

I ACTUALLY went exercise today. I have been trying for a while to get my motivation up and having kind of a tough time at it. These next pictures are a calender that I made for this year to help with that motivation. The pink highlighted squares are the days that I exercised. As you can see, there aren't that many days highlighted, but I am trying to increase that number everyday. I really have just gotten into exercising again since the end of March. Hopefully I can keep it up!!! :)

I am trying to lose weight (emphasis on the word trying) and it is difficult for me (as it is for everyone). One of my problems is eating to cope with my feelings. Some days I am just eating all day long and I don't even notice it. That is something I am trying to stop doing. I think my main problem though is not loving myself just the way I am. I have always felt like this and I think now is the time to try to remedy this problem. I plan on looking in the mirror EVERYDAY and telling my reflection that I love her and that she is perfect just as she is. Even if I sound stupid to myself, it is just something that I will have to do (or else I will just keep going on just as I am now). I AM WORTH IT...(now, if I could only make myself believe it)!! :)


mushroommeadows said...

Yucky spider...really! :( I think lizards are cute. :)

Oh, good luck with the weight loss! Trying is better than nothing. :)

Retro Girl said...

Eww, I hate spiders!
Love the lizard and really love that duck! How cute!!

What cool calendar pages!
I swear, reading your stuff....I sometimes think you're my long lost twin...lol...we seem to be alot alike. I struggle every single day too, with diet/exercise...There for awhile I was doing really good, exercising, lost like 8lbs...and just recently I "fell off the wagon" and gained about 3 back...grr! Just have to dust myself off and get back on track. One day at a time, no guilt, move on.. :-P

I think positive affirmations can really do alot for a person. Alot of us use them...it really helps keep you going.


Keep your chin up...take care.