Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just chatting...

The wind has been crazy over here. We have also had a cold front come through. It was in the 70's a few days ago, now it's in the 40's (early morning) and it warms up during the day. I hate how the temperature changes so much around here. I think that is why everyone gets sick all the time. Oh well, that's what you deal with when you live down south. :)
I only had to work half a day today. I love when that happens because now I have time to do some things that need to be done around the house. I don't have to do it all today though because I should be off the rest of the week too. Yay!!
Right now I am just sitting here watching talk shows and doing laundry. Boring I know, but I love it. I think TV is one of my favorite pass times. We just got Direct TV, so I am in heaven with the 3 free months of movie channels. ha ha :)
I can't wait until this weekend. It's my birthday weekend. I don't know what I want to do yet. I have thought a lot about it, but I don't really have any solid ideas. Maybe we will go to the beach or maybe camping, I don't know...I guess I will have to think about it some more.


Retro Girl said...

Happy Birthday in advance!! :-)
(I guess the package I'll be sending will be a birthday surprise of sorts, then! *Grin* It'll be a "belated" one by the time it gets there tho...)

I am addicted to HGTV...If I can't find anything 'good' on tv, I'll just leave HGTV on while I'm doing other stuff, because I'm so addicted to all those home makeover shows heheh.

We finally got some 70 degree weather here today, but 40 mph winds. Sounds like the siding and roof are gonna rip off *Yikes!* Then we're gonna have rain/T-storms and 60's off and on....can't complain - at least it's not snow! (which could still happen until the 1st of May, here...bleh!) :-)

Hope your B-day weekend is fabulous, fun, relaxing, exciting--what ever you want it to be!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Week!!!!! Coming to you via Retro Girl.....Love that plant in your Saturday plant, very interesting. Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your day.