Saturday, April 5, 2008

Journal pages to share...

I did some more art today to. I decided it was time for my slump to end. I have to do something about it or it will never end on it's own. So I thought that I was going to put something down on the paper, anything I want to, and even if it came out really funky that it didn't matter becasue I was still creating something!!!

Here are some more journal pages I did before my "slump" came along.


  1. Hey Apple :-)
    I got your comment/email on my phone.... you can reach me by email at:
    Retrogirl66 AT anytime ...
    I get that email on my mobile phone too....
    Also I can do aol messanger... nickname is
    The retrogirl 66 (with spaces). I'd love to hear from you and chat!

  2. Great journal pages, you'll get over this slump, I think we have them to remind us how much we enjoy creating when we can.

  3. Hi.. great blog you have.., nice!!
    lunara.. ^_^

  4. OH, I love the goals and the "I" page!!! xo lia


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