Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday dinner...

Tonight I had my birthday dinner. Mom and dad cooked one of my favorite meals (groundmeat stew) and let me tell you, I ate tons of it. We invited most of the family over to eat with us. My step-grandma made 3 key lime pies. I almost didn't want to share them. I LOVE key lime pie. I am quite full now, although I am already thinking about the leftovers. Ha Ha

Tomorrow, hubby and I will be going to the movies. I think I want to see "Smart People." I don't really know what it's about, but the previews looked good. Other than that, I don't have any plans. We might go to my mother-in-laws house so we can visit (she says that she wants to give me my gift), but that's about it. I am pretty easy going when it comes to my birthday. I don't make it into a big deal. I would like to sometimes, but I never know what I want to do. Obviously I have a problem making decisions. I guess I will have to work on that. :)

I am going to be 26! Oh my goodness...when will I start to feel like an adult? I still feel like a kid. My aunt says that she just started to feel like an adult and she's 39. I guess I will always feel like a kid (at heart), yet I will still have adult responsibilities (that I still have to force myself to carry out). How about all of you out there...when did ya'll start actually feeling like an adult?


Terry@quilt-nut said...

I have never felt like a kid. I was born feeling like an adult. That explains a lot, doesn't it. Now you know. Mom

Retro Girl said...

lol..Your mom's cute. (Reading above)

Hmmm. I got married and moved away from home at age 23 (to the Ex)...and I guess I felt really grown up at about 25-27..Maybe 30 for sure. Mentally I'll be about 29 forever! heheh.

My hubby always says - "You're only as Old as you feel.." He makes me feel like I'm 21

Happy Birthday!!! I'll be sending your presents here shortly :-)

(Does your mom have a recipe for that stew?)

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harts4Him said...

I hope you had an excellent birthday! Sounds like you had a nice time. My advice about growing up....don't do it!