Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The weather over here has been gorgeous. The sun is shining brightly, there is a breeze blowing, it's not too cold or too hot. It has just been perfect. I actually went walking outside today, just for a little while though. I am trying to get back into my exercising. I definitely will get back into it when the time changes this weekend. I absolutely love Daylight Savings Time. It stays lighter longer at's just wonderful. I hate when I am cooped up inside my house when I get home because it is dark outside (it doesn't help with my depression at all).

Anyway, I just got back from work and I figured that I would give ya'll another peek into my wrecked journal.

PS: If anyone has any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them!!!!


Retro Girl said...

Love your wrecked journal! You've really taken it above and beyond---it's awesome!!

Mine has been put aside for awhile...I need to get back on it. (I usually like to take it and work on it when we're traveling..maybe I will when we go to Cincinnnati for Easter weekend).

What state are you in? Your description of the weather sounds lovely! It's sunny but COLD here!!
I'm SO looking forward to the time change too. It really gets me run down feeling depressed too, especially when it gets dark at 4pm here in winter...Now it's light until 6...and with the change it'll be even better! If we could just get some warm weather, it'd be nice!

Questions...(thinking of a few...)
How do you keep your inspiration flowing?

Do you set aside specific times to play with art and journaling?

Do you have any interest in doing a Trade/Swap of any kind?

Apple said...


My inspiration pretty much stays on the edge of my pen. I always have pen and paper with me and I am always doodling or writing or scribbling. Anything that comes to mind.

I don't really have specific times to play with my art. When I am at work I journal on my lunch hour and when I get home from work I will sometimes journal some more. If I am off of work then I will sit in front of the TV and journal mindlessly. I pretty much just journal when I feel like it.

I don't know about the Trade/Swap thing. I don't know anything about it since I have never done anything like that before. Maybe if I had more information about it. I would have to think about it.

Julie Brill Molina said...

This has totally inspired me to pull my -- only partially wrecked -- woefully undrwrecked -- journal and start beating the crap out of it! Yay!!! Fun times.